Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2016


Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is quite a rare sight on the roads, but the newest generation of this car may change it. Can design help him with this?

Apparently the car is purchased through eyes. If so, this new Mitsubishi has a little chance of becoming a bestseller. In short – its styling is heavily debatable. Asexual design of Mitsubishi so far turns on controversial look. Would it pay back? The sales results, as usual, will verify. While we can understand those who say that he like the front of the new Pajero Sport, because you can actually see there’s some thoughtful design, it is completely not understandable how someone can like the rear of the Mitsubishi. It is so strange that we do not already know if we do not keep up with the genius of Japanese designers, or maybe the car is simply ugly. Judge it yourself.


As a driving gear of this Japanese is used a diesel with a capacity of 2.4-liters. The manufacturer does not provide yet unfortunately his power, but said that will be offered in two variants: approx. 150 and 180 horse power. Sizeable by contemporary diesel combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission, which is designed specifically for this model.

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