Infinity Q30 – Japanese rival of Audi A3


Infiniti, few months before the official debut of the compact model Q30, it shows us a part of his appearance. Competitor of Mercedes-Benz A-Class (from which some of the technical solutions used), and the Audi A3. But the price, equipment and technology will decide whether clients like more.
The car is very similar to the prototype version since two years ago, I recall in the gallery below. Distinguished in appearance – ribbed body and a unique line of the side windows. For now, we have only one copy of the production image, so we do not know all the details, but the car is not much different from the prototype. His full name is the Active Q30 Compact, which automatically suggests the recipients of the new compact premium segment – young, active and wealthy people. In addition to the already shown the hatchback version, Infiniti also announced a slightly off-road crossover called the QX30, which will debut next year probably.

The car is currently in the final stages of testing on European roads. Infiniti Q30 will be produced in Sunderland, England, which also becomes the fourth country with the factory of the manufacturer. Compact luxury brand of Nissan company is a competitor of, among others, Audi A3, Mercedes A-Class and BMW Series 1. In September we will know all the details about it. In terms of technology image betrays us only one thing – the engine of 2.2 used in this car. It is probably the turbodiesel production of Mercedes – competitor from Stuttgart strongly supported Infiniti with the technical aspects.


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