Ford Mustang 2015 – First impressions


For this moment, the whole Europe had to wait over 50 years. At last at the official distribution of Ford an American legend of highways appeared, Mustang. A few days ago we had the opportunity to try it out.
Until now, to become the owner of the Mustang You had to bring him behind the Great Waters on your own or hire a company dealing with import. Until now. The newest version of the Ford Mustang, which is available in fastback and convertible, after 50 years from the start of production appear in the official sales on the Old Continent.
At the beginning I try the classic ones – version with a V8 engine with a capacity of five liters. The biggest surprise, however, manual gearbox. Such solutions, while the capacity of the engine is that big, get out now really rare. No any hot-hatch has as hard clutch as this sport Mustang. It will not be the most comfortable during urban driving, but to have fun on the track as much as possible. Jump jack is short, but very confident. Now just add a tight gas and Mustang shoots out like a shot, gently sweeping the whistle. Supply maximum torque is considerable. We have here 530 Nm available at 4250 rpm. / min. On a straight road all looks very simple, and the bass rumble of the engine are encouraged to engage with a tachometer in the higher range. However, when we will have to overcome the tight return, we will quickly notice that the powerful unit under the hood is no laughing matter. Stronger pressing the gas with twisted wheels and Mustang gets very vicious and eager to set sideways to the axis of the drive, although a moment ago was heavily understeering. His aspirations inhibits rather brutally operating electronics in the form of traction control system.

However, during quiet ride on the road 5 liter motor shows another face. The motor has a reserve of power and torque that rarely have to reach for the jack to reduce gear. During fast driving powerful unit quietly bubbling at the level of turnover not exceeding 2000 rpm. / Min. This engine is a really classic of the genre, which will soon be seen only in a museum. The combustion is better not to ask, but during the “torturing” the car at the training center fluctuated around 25 l / 62 MPH.
The new Mustang since some time can be from Ford dealerships. However, the whole year’s supply has already been sold out.

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