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Chip tuning

Tuning the car raises the average driver rather pejorative connotations and is the subject of jokes. But there are adequate methods to improve parameters of the engine in the car, and one of them is a very popular chip tuning. Professionally made, greatly increases the comfort and safety of driving without damaging the engine.

Car manufacturers often leave the engines a large supply of multiple parameters in order to “liberate” “them with newer models or adjust the equipment, size, or weight of a particular model. Exactly the same motor can be up to a few different values ​​of power and torque. Using chip tuning – software modification of the factory engine which controls the motor we are able to adjust and extract the “hidden” parameters in a wide range of lattitude.

Increasing the motor parameters through chip tuning does not have to be large to met our expectations. Of course, there are those drivers who want an ordinary civilian vehicle to become the “king of the road”, unequaled conqueror in clashes on traffic lights. Usually, however, it is enough to strengthen just by 10 % to feel a clear difference modification.

There are plenty specialists in the internet that offers chiptuning in the internet. However, you should know that the modifications to the engine control unit operation is not simple and poorly made usually does more harm than good. Let us not be fooled by assurances that chip tuning can be done correctly in the parking lot of a strip mall for a low price, because without professional technical background and extensive knowledge of mechanics there is no way to do that correctly. There is an example of trustworthly website that offers chiptuning for most car manufacturers

The basis for a well-made modification is first and foremost an analysis of the technical condition of the engine, thats why first of all diagnostic measurement is carried out on a dynamometer. It often turns out that raising the parameters of the drive unit simply does not make any sense because it is damaged and thus significantly weakened in relation to the nominal factory parameters. After the removal of faults the car is tested again on a dynamometer, and if performance is the same or very similar to those provided by the manufacturer, you can begin to change in the controller and start your chiptuning.

A well-made chip tuning does not have a negative influence on the parameters of emissions which are referred to relevant standards and therefore does not need to be concern that our vehicle after the modification will have problems during routine technical tests.

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